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Squid Proxy

Squid are needed for some users, we provide a list Squid only supports the proprietary server
Please use squid from us. We hope you are satisfied with our services.

IPLocationTypePortAccess ForStatus Squid, 3128All Server SingaporeOFFLINE, 3128All Server GermanOFFLINE, 3128All Server United StatesONLINE

Squid Proxy and Tips to Improve Performance
As an excellent solution for caching server needs and variety of proxy, the Squid proxy does come with particular features and benefits. It is basically a web proxy cache server application with full features. It provides the cache and proxy services for HTTP or Hyper Text Transport Protocol, FTP or File Transfer Protocol and also other network protocols. It can perform multiple functions. For instance, it implements proxying and caching of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) request. It also implements the caching of DNS or Domain Name Server lookups and performing a transparent caching. In the meantime, Squid also supports various caching protocols including HTCP, ICP, WCCP, and CARP.
The squid proxy performance can either be quick or slow. To manage a slow performance, there are several tips to apply. The tips are not only useful to improve the performance but also to the organization. It means that more users can access the internet. As a start, you must make the cache performance faster by mounting “Cache Directory” on the “diskd” format. It’s better to use 2 or more mount cache directory and hard disk. Another tip requires you to create and mount /var and /log directory on different hard disk. And, make sure to use at least 4GB RAM and 3 hard disks for faster Squid proxy performance.