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What Is OpenVPN and Tips to Choose OpenVPN Provider OpenVPN is well-known for its extensive support, ease of use and strong feature. As one of the most used VPN software solution, it allows everyone to use and modify it based on the need. It is the more popular for private and anonymous access to internet yet it is actually able to be used for numerous connectivity needs. Since it works in the client-server mode, the internet is connected to OpenVPN server. Therefore, one the client is connected to the server, he/she will have full Internet access. And, the client’s privacy is fully protected. It’s true that there are so many OpenVPN service providers available. However, it doesn’t mean that all of them are highly qualified. Quality providers should be able to meet the standards. They have many physical locations throughout the world. It’s an important feature to make sure you as the client can virtually connect from and to everywhere. They have extensive supports for various hardware including mobile devices, laptops and PC. Strong privacy protection is something that they are good at so there will be no lack of personal details. And, they also provide strong security and encryption protection. With these basic standards, the OpenVPN server is ready to roll.