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Server Status

Here is a list of servers in , we provide multiple server protocol, port and different countries.
You need to look at this list, so you can know all the servers in the website.

Server Namehost IPPortStatus Server
OVPN Server US 1us.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server US 2us2.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server CAca.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server SG 1sg1.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server SG 2sg2.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server NLnl.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server DEde.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server UKuk.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
Server Namehost IPPortStatus Server
OVPN Server CAca.udp.accountvpn.com25000,1194ONLINE
OVPN Server SG 4sg4.udp.accountvpn.com25000,1194ONLINE
OVPN Server SG 6sg6.udp.accountvpn.com25000,1194ONLINE
OVPN Server NLnl.udp.accountvpn.com25000,1194ONLINE
OVPN Server DEde.udp.accountvpn.com25000,1194ONLINE
VPN Monthly
Server Namehost IPPortStatus Server
OVPN Server Monthly SG 1m-sg1.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
OVPN Server Monthly SG 4m-sg4.tcp.accountvpn.com443ONLINE
Server Namehost IPPortStatus Server